What is Creativity?

The term ‘Creativity’ is thrown around by every person I have known. Ask any non creative person what is creativity and immediately an unstructured, vague and perhaps whimsical thought comes to mind. On the contrary, you ask a creative person the same question, one who is prolific, its probably going to be a detailed or short but clear answer, often poetic.

So what exactly is creativity? 

Often when we hear the word creativity, we usually think of painting, dancing or making music. Though these are creative endeavours, creativity includes a broader range of skills.creativity involves the way of thinking and the ability to relate to other people or things around the world in novel ways that leads to be an inspiration. Some people think ability to imagine new things is creativity where as few think it is ability to visualise same things with different perspective. 

Uncreativity is perhaps the easiest to define. It means taking something that has already been done and accepted, and doing the same thing. Not trying anything differently, or having a curiosity that why is should be done this way only? 

I believe that curiosity has two aspects: curiosity and the ability to not just ask “what if?” but also to visualise the potential outcome. One has to be curious enough to look beyond the knowledge already existing, be continuously curious enough to gather new information and then placing the separate pieces together to create something new. 

Take the example of Legos. You can go as per the instructions given with the set of logos and create a product about which the information is already provided for. Creativity is thinking outside the given instructions and creating a new structure with the same pieces of legos and creating something new. 

I believe that creativity is basically using the knowledge you have, finding new knowledge and creating something that is not known to anyone but you. We think all humans are born with innate creativity, but the ways it is deployed in the daily life is comparatively less. 

Inspiration to creativity is all around you. Creativity is within you. It is a mindset and not a skill on how you look at things around you. The easiest way to be creative is to ask “ why?” and “why not?”

So look around you for inspiration. According to my opinion, you cannot be more creative than when you are in touch with nature around you!

My Blessing of July

Sometimes I forget how extraordinary blessed I am to be a part of a wonderful family. Today, 25th of July, is the birth date of my elder sister. She is the good one between us. Turning 26 today, she is definitely the most patient, loving and mature for her age person I have met. So this blog I am dedicating to celebrating 21 years of my sisters company with me.

Happy Birthday Didi!! I wish you would have been in India, we would have celebrated you getting old! But that’s okay, we will have an amazing party when you come back. To be honest, no matter how much of a brat I am , I actually miss you.

Well there are so many things that I have to still learn from you. I am glad that you are my elder sister. For someone who had been my roommate for 19 years, its little difficult to sleep alone at night. I remember us whispering and gossiping about everything and everyone late at night. I miss the giggling we used to do and the post scolding we used to get from mom and dad. I love our journey from play mates to study buddies to enemies to friends to shopping partners and at last best friends. Of course, it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. We have had our share of fights and tears and though there will be many more, I look forward to it too. But even so, you have been always there for me, cheering me on, supporting me, defending me, sacrificing your time and energy to my endeavors that do not benefit you in any way. You are my number 1 confidante, best friend and someone I turn to when everything seems dull and difficult. I may not tell you this enough, but i couldn’t have asked for a better sister and i am beyond grateful to have an elder sister like you.

I love you very much though I say it very few times. I miss stealing your clothes (though i will be doing that very soon). I hope you come home soon. Happy Birthday once again! Enjoy your day to the fullest as an old lady now!

Love and Hugs,

How the rich become richer?

In the world of average salaries, everyone wants to be a part of 7-figure amount club. Who doesn’t want to be wealthy and then go on for vacations all over the world and shop whatever they want?

However, most of the rich people don’t do this and that’s how they build and maintain their wealth. There is a difference between living your life of careless spending which will drain a wealthy man’s account as well and living long financially independent and wealthy life.

The self made rich people are not necessarily smart. They have just mastered few principles at how to remain wealthy. They consider building wealth as a skill. The good part of skills is that you can learn it too!

So if you want to join the list of wealthy people, try to fine in these habits and lifestyle changes to experience true financial freedom.

  1. Financial Growth Mindset: Wealthy people are incredibly creative when it comes to their source of income. Rich people set themselves as unique because of their money making mindset, which helps you see financial growth in a different way and helps you focus on upcoming profitable opportunities. They are open to exploring new ideas and they always believe in creating a positive outcome from it.
  2. Network with other successful people: ‘ Man is known by the company he keeps’ is a phrase we have been hearing since we were young. Wealthy people understand the importance of being in contact with other wealthy people. They expand their network by being in contact with have the drive to become wealthy and take inspiration from them. Being in close connection with other wealthy people gives them the motivation and helps them to be in healthy competition with them.
  3. Get outside your comfort zone: Wealthy become more successful because they have understood that to be successful they have to experience discomfort. Wealth and success don’t come from he safety of 9-5 job. All the game changers have gone beyond their comfort zone and created something by taking risks. They take the step into the unknown.
  4. Create Multiple Income Sources: Wealthy people never rely on one source of income. They always make sure that the money i always coming in by at least one of the sources and invest excess money into something else. This, in a nutshell, is the primary way of remaining rich while being rich.
  5. Invest smartly: Rich people know that investment is the key to their increasing wealth. Smart investment can give you healthy returns which you can reinvest. When you invest in something, make sure you invest as much you can afford to lose.
  6. Take calculated risk: The rich don’t gamble when it comes to money. They take risks by asking themselves if this will get them closer to their goals. They never take frivolous risks that will put their money at risk.
  7. Keep Evolving: The rich keep evolving their ideas as the era changes. They don’t stick to one method of earning money. As the times change, they change themselves and their way of thinking. Even the rich don’t take their wealth for granted and keep working for the new ways to keep their source of income intact.
  8. Choose assets over liability: Assets add value to your wealth and increase your equity. Always make sure that your source of income benefits from your assets. Liabilities are what owe to the other party. For example, the property you own becomes your assets and your debts become your liabilities.
  9. Never completely retire: The rich never completely retire. Most of them keep working well after 70’s. Working gives them an ongoing feeling of success and keeps them focused. The stability of working and sense of responsibility is a part of their overall happiness.
  10. Avoid Overspending: The rich have developed the important skill of saving their money. The rich understand that the more you spend, the less you have. The rich tend to be more thrifty as compared to others even though they have money to spend.

I hope this has been helpful piece of information.

love and hugs,

Maybe this journey is not about Love!!

May be this journey isn’t about love anymore. This is journey is about you. Maybe this journey is about the challenge that is thrown in your life to be your own savior. People who left,abandoned you, were leading you back to yourself. The journey was always to return to safe place. and here, you are okay with on your own. That is why you are rebuilding the walls that shattered when someone left you. Here you are kinder to yourself, you are giving yourself the love you always gave to others. That is why you are adapting and mending and building the pieces they walked away with. here you are healing.

And to be honest, its not such a bad place to be in. May be right now, your journey about redemption. May this season, you are making amends with your heart, to stand to the ways in which it loves and cares and believe in the goodness of vulnerability, and expression and being the person who is soft even when the world is not so gentle. Right now you are getting a second chance to trust in it, and to forgive yourself for giving it away to those who could not value it. You are here right now, to protect it, and to find your way back to tenderness.

It is a challenge but don’t forget to remind yourself the beauty of life. Discover the space you have been given to go to new places that leave your heart dripping with emotions, hear the songs that are yours and yours alone, meet new people who love you and in a way where they don’t expect you to change. Reclaim your joy, to make it the most natural expression of you are. Let it spill out of your words, your laughter, your tears. Let it be something you believe you are worthy of.

Maybe this year, it is all about learning that happiness is small. That it exists in the most quietest , nameless moment. Maybe this year is all about teaching us that these moments are not small at all. Maybe this year is all about connectivity. About connecting to our self or things that make our heart go crazy amidst of all the anger and sadness. Acknowledge the power of touching others without actually touching them, that we can distance from them yet be closer than ever.

So this year is basically about showing that everything can be taken away from us- our safety, out comfort but our willingness to fight to make it another day. Believe that anything that tried to defeat us, did not succeed and that we are stronger than what life may throw at us.

Love and hugs,

5steps to become Independent

Being independent starts with small things. For example making  your own bed when you get up. Do it for a month and you have already starting being independent.  Not being dependent on someone for such small things ,which if you start doing will become your habit, is a first step of being independent.

 Wake up early, give that one peaceful hour to yourself. Have coffee, think about the day you are going to spend ahead, read a book which calms you, or a newspaper, go for jogging, do meditation or just breathe. If you observe, most of the successful people or even our past generations have habit of getting up early in the morning. Its called 5am therapy. They just sit in a relaxing chair, sip their morning tea, and start their day with either meditation or reading newspaper. We think why do they get up so early to have a tea and read newspaper, trust me one week of doing that, and you have grown so much. Its said the first thoughts after you get up are the most creative and productive ones.

  Being independent is your mindset. It doesn’t depend on how rich family you come from or how poor.  I have seen people from poor families being independent in every possible way and people from rich families being dependent  and in need of help at their every step.

The second step is no excuses. The moment you start giving excuses, you are dependent on someone else to finish your job. You have to finish the job, take your time, but don’t make it a habit that if you don’t do it ,someone will either ways.  It is called POWER OF NOW. Go to the gym today, read that book today, write that article now, try a new recipe today. The more you procrastinate, the more you think somebody will take it off your hands, or someone will help you do it. Here comes the dependency and the self doubt again. You know you can do it. But the more you push it forward, more difficult the job will look which in reality is a piece of cake for you.

Think. Most of us don’t think before taking a step. Why prepare yourself to face for the consequences when you can take a moment, sit back and think before you do anything.  Analyse the situation, present and future before you take the step. But don’t overthink. Most of us overthink so much before taking the step, that it seems impossible and we quit. Think so that you can grow. Not so that you will think of quitting before even starting it. 

Master your emotion. The moment your emotions are in the game, you become dependent on the person or materialistic your emotional about. Think straight. Don’t complicate your thoughts by being in control of your emotions. Set your goal, don’t let your emotional side overpower your practical side. Master the act of zoning your emotions out and think with your clear head. Eyes on the outcome always. It takes lot of time to come to this stage and quite honestly, I haven’t reached yet.

Be quiet when there’s chaos in your head. Think till you completely get rid of the chaos and your clear before you take any step. Any action taken with hundreds of thoughts in your head will never be furnished than the one you take when you decide a clear track in front of yours eyes. The moment you have clear head, you don’t have to rely on someone else to be there when you fall. You will have already figured out the ways you can fail and prepare yourself that way before you fall down if you do. Try to compartmentalize your thoughts. Dump the ones you don’t need, don’t hold on to them which will drift you away from your path.

 Look around you. Steal the ideas from your environment like the artist drawing a scenery picture. There is so much to learn from people and nature around you. Your eyes are open but how much can you actually see and learn from it. Be around people who make you think about new ideas, ones you can use, one which will help you decide the right track for yourself.

Most of the times people confuse between taking help and being dependent.  Most of the people take decisions in haste and then look at others to help. This is being dependent. Asking for help before you take the action and knowing the consequences of your actions before hand is called being dependent.

There will be morning in your life, where you will realize your purpose of life, what you really want to do of the gift of life, who you want to spend your life, what is actually important for you. It is called The Miracle Morning. The whole future of you flashes in front of your eyes and that’s when you realize this is what you want your life to be. It comes when you consciously start thinking and train your brain to think the ways you wish to be. After that you start working for it. And it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world you will feel. So light, knowing you have  a goal in front of you. This is the future you.i hope you all, my dear readers reach this point.

Love and hugs,

I’ll rise up

Why no one talks about a phase in life where you don’t want anything anymore. I went through a similar phase recently. Everybody talks about the time you hurt, when you cry your shit out, when you get drunk in sadness, when you break down.

But no one talks about the time when you lay in your bed , with a hole in your heart. You are clueless how to fill it. About how you don’t even want to do the things that you usually do. You just wait for the day end. And it’s horrible because you feel empty and guilty at the same time.

To be honest, I learned a lot this year. I learned about happiness and love as well as sadness and heartbreak. I learned that even these two contradictory feelings can coexist. Sometimes I have felt all at the same time and nothing at the same time. I realised that world is not white or black. It has so many different colours. I learned that this life is a very long journey. And I have to travel so much of it. I realised that you can try distract your problems by making jokes about it and avoiding life. You can convince that you are worthy, beautiful and enough, but it’s not if no use until you stand by your word and prove it to yourself. I had days and nights where I know my worth but I spend my day unproductive and felt otherwise at end of the day.

I have learned about loneliness and how it can turn you numb into believing that you will always be alone in the end, both physically and mentally. How people you think have your back can backstab. However being alone is not something to be ashamed of. The felicity that you get from spending alone than spending it on superficial relationships to hide the mirage of loneliness is much more fulfilling.

I have learned that few moments in the sun can help calm your hurricanes and how that is all you need some days. You can try to find the reasons to every situation that broke you, but there isn’t any. You just have to go through it, so that you can grow. I learned that life will kick you down a million times and you feel like you won’t survive, until you do. And when you do, you will rise above all the things that broke you down. I learned that it’s always dark before dawn. But most and foremost, I learned that you have to stop waiting for the Sun to rise and realise that you were the Sun all along!

Love and hugs,

A letter to myself:)

Dear Me,

Here we go again.It’s that time of the year again. Every part of my heart aches and every bone inside me feels shattered. I know you have been trying for the longest time to get better, trying to stay strong and get up every time you fall.

I am sorry I took you granted all the time. I am sorry I made you feel like you are hard to love. I am sorry you were never heard. I am sorry for shattering you.

It’s hard to be kind all the time when everyone around you is so cruel and selfish. I know it’s not easy to stay brave when everyone around is busy shattering your soul.

I am sorry for shattering you. But you cannot blame yourself every time something or someone leaves. You broke yourself by clinging to people who’s intention was always to leave you. I forgive you for breaking your own heart for giving people more than what they gave you. I forgive you for being naive when people were busy trying to step on you! You got this love❤️ Let go of people who aren’t willing to even fight for a place in your life!

Hugs and kisses

Birthday letter to my mom in heaven❤️

Dearest Aai,

Happiest Birthday to the most important human in my life.❤️ I want to take a moment to remember you, and cherish everything you brought into my life!

I love you so much. Without you, I would never be here where I am right now(quite literally). You have been my biggest inspiration for all twenty years of my life. You were so strong, so compassionate and so incredibly generous. There are so many good things I can say about you, the list would go on forever. Right now, I am missing you and I wanted to take a moment and say, “THANK YOU!”

Thank you for being you and for all the special things you did for me, because believe me you did a lot. I never gave you enough credit for how much you did for me and our family . You are still the backbone of our family and without you , our home would have just fell apart. You did everything humanly possible for an individual to do for her family. You never missed the opportunity to care for us or support any of us. Thank you for hot dinners and all he efforts you took while I was busy swimming. I cannot imagine a better multi-tasker than you! I am forever grateful for all of it and even though I know I could never repay you, I am going to do my best to be the woman you always imagined me to be.

I love you for giving me life, though it seems hard to live sometimes, you should know I would never give up. I love you for sacrificing so much just so that I will have everything. You are my role model and my best friend. I am pretty sure, wherever you are, you are my number one fan and support me like no one else ever will. I love you for listening to my non stop complaints, crying and laughters! Even from heaven, you never fail to continuously offer me your guidance and advice whenever I feel hopeless. I love you for loving me unconditionally even when I did not deserve your love and care.

I am so blessed to have been raised by you. I am so blessed that I have such a strong and compassionate person to look up to. You unknowingly make me want to be a better person every single day. You are my strength and also my weakness.

I can only strive and hope that I grow up to be half as an incredible woman as you are. You deserved so much more and I cannot express enough that how much you are missed every single moment of my life. I hope one day I become capable to pay back for all that you sacrificed just so I’ll have an amazing future. But for right now, right here, I will just say this, “I love you and I cannot thank you enough. I hope you have the best birthday up there. Keep looking down at me and I hope one day you will be proud of who I have become.”

Your little girl❤️

Hugs and kisses!!

Few Months Later

You keep telling yourself that maybe one day, the person you love would change. That maybe, one day, they will see what you see, they will feel what you feel, and regret all the wrongs they have done to you. You keep telling yourself that it will be okay, you can fix it- that giving them time will make them grow and appreciate who you are. You keep telling yourself that one day everything will turn out to be just as you planned and you both finally come to terms and be happy.

You keep telling yourself this and that and it hurts you later. It stings a little harder because you have been telling yourself these lies for years and deep down you know that at some point, you are going to come to a realization that some people are not meant to be yours. No matter how much history you have, no matter how hard you try, because at some point…. you are going to find yourself wanting more, wanting better. That is just human nature and you can only tolerate as much before you snap out of it. It could happen any time, a week from now, a month from now or maybe even a year. And when that day comes, you will tell yourself that your past is very important to you, you will tell yourself how much big of a role these people from your past played, and maybe you will even thank them. You will wonder how different your life could have been without them, both good and bad. You will forgive them and forgive yourself as well and move on. You will know what you deserve. You will finally open those beautiful eyes of yours and for the very first time, change will be brewing over the horizon and everyone who has hurt you will appear in front of you. You will whisper to yourself, ” I should have never fought so hard for love. I should have given myself time I needed to heal. Nonetheless, I want to thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey. I am a better person now and I could not have done it without you all.”

That time, you will find the happiness that exists on your terms. You will truly take time to figure out what moves you, what encourages your soul, what you deeply crave from life and I hope you have the courage to chase it. I hope you have the courage to believe that you are deserving of everything you have ever desired, that you are capable and worthy of creating the kind of life for yourself that lights the sparks within you. You have fire inside- I hope you never convince let yourself to stand still. I hope you show the world what you can do with all of that passion inside you.

I hope that when you are ready, you find the kind of love that makes you a softer person. The kind of love that makes you want to be better, the kind of love that believes in you and supports you, that stands by your side. I hope you find someone who quickly becomes your favorite thing- someone who makes the fall less fearful, someone you cant help but choosse everyday. I hope you find something real in the world of fake, something that will stick around when things get hard. Nothing is more beautiful than loving someone who builds you a home in their heart.

And if you already have this, don’t let go.

Love and hugs,

Rethinking Life

SUNSET STROLL - Beaches & Nature Background Wallpapers on Desktop ...

Over the past few days, I have been doing the unusual introspection. I believe this lock down has been hard on every one. I hope I do a good job in penning down what I went through and how I coped up.

I feel like heartbreak hits me differently. Maybe its because I feel a little too intense when I do, and I tend to jump with both feet before understanding if my partner is willing to take the same chance with me or not. This heartbreak, I knew if it happens again, it would be tough. somehow it turned out to be worse than that.

I have been through really difficult things in my life. When it really gets hard or when one of my triggers get pushed, I tend to lean on my closest friends. They have been doing really amazing job of snapping me out of it before it gets bad.

The toughest part is the disappointment, in myself. The fact that my life is not where I had planned at my 20, is annoying. Though its in my hands, to mend it, I am just upset with myself. I am angry that I let myself go through so much. I am angry that I let my guard down, again. I am upset that I allowed myself to be in a position where I have to pray for strength.

How did I manage to lose perspective in life? I remember giving up on life few months before. I remember crying for nights and not knowing the reason. At that point, I finally knew my worst fear. It was abandonment. Fear of not being walked out on life like I never mattered. I feel like my life has been , this search for love. For my family, for my person. I trusted every person who hinted me that they can be potentially My Person. This is exactly where I lost my perspective.

I thought it was okay to hurt myself than hurting others. Its a very strange habit. I read in a book somewhere, this beautiful quote,

“If you’re ever given a choice between disappointing someone else and disappointing yourself, it is your duty to disappoint that someone else. Your job, throughout your entire life is to disappoint as many people as it takes to avoid disappointing yourself.” 

I think people settle. I think they reach a point in their life and then hit this “good enough” kinda mindset and then settle. At least, that’s how it happened to me. Sometimes it’s easier to settle for the politically correct way, or the route that would make, what you feel, is the happiest. What they don’t realize, is that “good enough” eventually makes you bitter. “Good enough” is the poison you drink everyday, that lulls you into not reaching for incredible.

I dont want a ‘just good enough’ life. Its okay to move past the things that dont bring you any kind of happiness. That doesnt make you a bad person. At some point you have to be selfish. How many more years, are we gonna live in the shadow of ‘What will people say?’ I need to focus on making decisions that will make me happiest and not let myself down.

I have some tough decisions ahead of me. Some that I have no idea how to navigate but for once in my life, I need to be selfish. Need to focus on my own happiness. I am not gonna settle for something, because once it brought me happiness. I have been living in a shell for a very long time. And if i learned one thing during all this, it is that, I am done pleasing people.

Here is the thing people don’t tell you. Despite everyone having an opinion on your life, no one else in the world knows what you should do. Because no one has ever lived your life, with your gifts, your challenges, your past, and your feelings. No one. It is your life alone so don’t ask other people for directions to a place they have never been.

We need to stop looking outside of ourselves for validation on the life we live and instead look inside. At least, that’s what today, reminds me of.

Love and hugs,

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