What is Creativity?

The term ‘Creativity’ is thrown around by every person I have known. Ask any non creative person what is creativity and immediately an unstructured, vague and perhaps whimsical thought comes to mind. On the contrary, you ask a creative person the same question, one who is prolific, its probably going to be a detailed or short but clear answer, often poetic.

So what exactly is creativity? 

Often when we hear the word creativity, we usually think of painting, dancing or making music. Though these are creative endeavours, creativity includes a broader range of skills.creativity involves the way of thinking and the ability to relate to other people or things around the world in novel ways that leads to be an inspiration. Some people think ability to imagine new things is creativity where as few think it is ability to visualise same things with different perspective. 

Uncreativity is perhaps the easiest to define. It means taking something that has already been done and accepted, and doing the same thing. Not trying anything differently, or having a curiosity that why is should be done this way only? 

I believe that curiosity has two aspects: curiosity and the ability to not just ask “what if?” but also to visualise the potential outcome. One has to be curious enough to look beyond the knowledge already existing, be continuously curious enough to gather new information and then placing the separate pieces together to create something new. 

Take the example of Legos. You can go as per the instructions given with the set of logos and create a product about which the information is already provided for. Creativity is thinking outside the given instructions and creating a new structure with the same pieces of legos and creating something new. 

I believe that creativity is basically using the knowledge you have, finding new knowledge and creating something that is not known to anyone but you. We think all humans are born with innate creativity, but the ways it is deployed in the daily life is comparatively less. 

Inspiration to creativity is all around you. Creativity is within you. It is a mindset and not a skill on how you look at things around you. The easiest way to be creative is to ask “ why?” and “why not?”

So look around you for inspiration. According to my opinion, you cannot be more creative than when you are in touch with nature around you!

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