A letter to myself:)

Dear Me,

Here we go again.It’s that time of the year again. Every part of my heart aches and every bone inside me feels shattered. I know you have been trying for the longest time to get better, trying to stay strong and get up every time you fall.

I am sorry I took you granted all the time. I am sorry I made you feel like you are hard to love. I am sorry you were never heard. I am sorry for shattering you.

It’s hard to be kind all the time when everyone around you is so cruel and selfish. I know it’s not easy to stay brave when everyone around is busy shattering your soul.

I am sorry for shattering you. But you cannot blame yourself every time something or someone leaves. You broke yourself by clinging to people who’s intention was always to leave you. I forgive you for breaking your own heart for giving people more than what they gave you. I forgive you for being naive when people were busy trying to step on you! You got this love❤️ Let go of people who aren’t willing to even fight for a place in your life!

Hugs and kisses

Published by notjustaprettygirl

Another girl on her path to become a strong beautiful women❤️

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