My Blessing of July

Sometimes I forget how extraordinary blessed I am to be a part of a wonderful family. Today, 25th of July, is the birth date of my elder sister. She is the good one between us. Turning 26 today, she is definitely the most patient, loving and mature for her age person I have met. So this blog I am dedicating to celebrating 21 years of my sisters company with me.

Happy Birthday Didi!! I wish you would have been in India, we would have celebrated you getting old! But that’s okay, we will have an amazing party when you come back. To be honest, no matter how much of a brat I am , I actually miss you.

Well there are so many things that I have to still learn from you. I am glad that you are my elder sister. For someone who had been my roommate for 19 years, its little difficult to sleep alone at night. I remember us whispering and gossiping about everything and everyone late at night. I miss the giggling we used to do and the post scolding we used to get from mom and dad. I love our journey from play mates to study buddies to enemies to friends to shopping partners and at last best friends. Of course, it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. We have had our share of fights and tears and though there will be many more, I look forward to it too. But even so, you have been always there for me, cheering me on, supporting me, defending me, sacrificing your time and energy to my endeavors that do not benefit you in any way. You are my number 1 confidante, best friend and someone I turn to when everything seems dull and difficult. I may not tell you this enough, but i couldn’t have asked for a better sister and i am beyond grateful to have an elder sister like you.

I love you very much though I say it very few times. I miss stealing your clothes (though i will be doing that very soon). I hope you come home soon. Happy Birthday once again! Enjoy your day to the fullest as an old lady now!

Love and Hugs,

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