What is Creativity?

The term ‘Creativity’ is thrown around by every person I have known. Ask any non creative person what is creativity and immediately an unstructured, vague and perhaps whimsical thought comes to mind. On the contrary, you ask a creative person the same question, one who is prolific, its probably going to be a detailed orContinue reading “What is Creativity?”

Maybe this journey is not about Love!!

May be this journey isn’t about love anymore. This is journey is about you. Maybe this journey is about the challenge that is thrown in your life to be your own savior. People who left,abandoned you, were leading you back to yourself. The journey was always to return to safe place. and here, you areContinue reading “Maybe this journey is not about Love!!”

5steps to become Independent

Being independent starts with small things. For example making  your own bed when you get up. Do it for a month and you have already starting being independent.  Not being dependent on someone for such small things ,which if you start doing will become your habit, is a first step of being independent.  Wake upContinue reading “5steps to become Independent”

Birthday letter to my mom in heaven❤️

Dearest Aai, Happiest Birthday to the most important human in my life.❤️ I want to take a moment to remember you, and cherish everything you brought into my life! I love you so much. Without you, I would never be here where I am right now(quite literally). You have been my biggest inspiration for allContinue reading “Birthday letter to my mom in heaven❤️”

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