Maybe this journey is not about Love!!

May be this journey isn’t about love anymore. This is journey is about you. Maybe this journey is about the challenge that is thrown in your life to be your own savior. People who left,abandoned you, were leading you back to yourself. The journey was always to return to safe place. and here, you are okay with on your own. That is why you are rebuilding the walls that shattered when someone left you. Here you are kinder to yourself, you are giving yourself the love you always gave to others. That is why you are adapting and mending and building the pieces they walked away with. here you are healing.

And to be honest, its not such a bad place to be in. May be right now, your journey about redemption. May this season, you are making amends with your heart, to stand to the ways in which it loves and cares and believe in the goodness of vulnerability, and expression and being the person who is soft even when the world is not so gentle. Right now you are getting a second chance to trust in it, and to forgive yourself for giving it away to those who could not value it. You are here right now, to protect it, and to find your way back to tenderness.

It is a challenge but don’t forget to remind yourself the beauty of life. Discover the space you have been given to go to new places that leave your heart dripping with emotions, hear the songs that are yours and yours alone, meet new people who love you and in a way where they don’t expect you to change. Reclaim your joy, to make it the most natural expression of you are. Let it spill out of your words, your laughter, your tears. Let it be something you believe you are worthy of.

Maybe this year, it is all about learning that happiness is small. That it exists in the most quietest , nameless moment. Maybe this year is all about teaching us that these moments are not small at all. Maybe this year is all about connectivity. About connecting to our self or things that make our heart go crazy amidst of all the anger and sadness. Acknowledge the power of touching others without actually touching them, that we can distance from them yet be closer than ever.

So this year is basically about showing that everything can be taken away from us- our safety, out comfort but our willingness to fight to make it another day. Believe that anything that tried to defeat us, did not succeed and that we are stronger than what life may throw at us.

Love and hugs,

Published by notjustaprettygirl

Another girl on her path to become a strong beautiful women❤️

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