5steps to become Independent

Being independent starts with small things. For example making  your own bed when you get up. Do it for a month and you have already starting being independent.  Not being dependent on someone for such small things ,which if you start doing will become your habit, is a first step of being independent.

 Wake up early, give that one peaceful hour to yourself. Have coffee, think about the day you are going to spend ahead, read a book which calms you, or a newspaper, go for jogging, do meditation or just breathe. If you observe, most of the successful people or even our past generations have habit of getting up early in the morning. Its called 5am therapy. They just sit in a relaxing chair, sip their morning tea, and start their day with either meditation or reading newspaper. We think why do they get up so early to have a tea and read newspaper, trust me one week of doing that, and you have grown so much. Its said the first thoughts after you get up are the most creative and productive ones.

  Being independent is your mindset. It doesn’t depend on how rich family you come from or how poor.  I have seen people from poor families being independent in every possible way and people from rich families being dependent  and in need of help at their every step.

The second step is no excuses. The moment you start giving excuses, you are dependent on someone else to finish your job. You have to finish the job, take your time, but don’t make it a habit that if you don’t do it ,someone will either ways.  It is called POWER OF NOW. Go to the gym today, read that book today, write that article now, try a new recipe today. The more you procrastinate, the more you think somebody will take it off your hands, or someone will help you do it. Here comes the dependency and the self doubt again. You know you can do it. But the more you push it forward, more difficult the job will look which in reality is a piece of cake for you.

Think. Most of us don’t think before taking a step. Why prepare yourself to face for the consequences when you can take a moment, sit back and think before you do anything.  Analyse the situation, present and future before you take the step. But don’t overthink. Most of us overthink so much before taking the step, that it seems impossible and we quit. Think so that you can grow. Not so that you will think of quitting before even starting it. 

Master your emotion. The moment your emotions are in the game, you become dependent on the person or materialistic your emotional about. Think straight. Don’t complicate your thoughts by being in control of your emotions. Set your goal, don’t let your emotional side overpower your practical side. Master the act of zoning your emotions out and think with your clear head. Eyes on the outcome always. It takes lot of time to come to this stage and quite honestly, I haven’t reached yet.

Be quiet when there’s chaos in your head. Think till you completely get rid of the chaos and your clear before you take any step. Any action taken with hundreds of thoughts in your head will never be furnished than the one you take when you decide a clear track in front of yours eyes. The moment you have clear head, you don’t have to rely on someone else to be there when you fall. You will have already figured out the ways you can fail and prepare yourself that way before you fall down if you do. Try to compartmentalize your thoughts. Dump the ones you don’t need, don’t hold on to them which will drift you away from your path.

 Look around you. Steal the ideas from your environment like the artist drawing a scenery picture. There is so much to learn from people and nature around you. Your eyes are open but how much can you actually see and learn from it. Be around people who make you think about new ideas, ones you can use, one which will help you decide the right track for yourself.

Most of the times people confuse between taking help and being dependent.  Most of the people take decisions in haste and then look at others to help. This is being dependent. Asking for help before you take the action and knowing the consequences of your actions before hand is called being dependent.

There will be morning in your life, where you will realize your purpose of life, what you really want to do of the gift of life, who you want to spend your life, what is actually important for you. It is called The Miracle Morning. The whole future of you flashes in front of your eyes and that’s when you realize this is what you want your life to be. It comes when you consciously start thinking and train your brain to think the ways you wish to be. After that you start working for it. And it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world you will feel. So light, knowing you have  a goal in front of you. This is the future you.i hope you all, my dear readers reach this point.

Love and hugs,

Published by notjustaprettygirl

Another girl on her path to become a strong beautiful women❤️

One thought on “5steps to become Independent

  1. Hey, abha
    I was going through a shity day and was having negative thoughts.
    So I decided to read this and I read each one of it. It made my day. Tbh It’s fucking inspirational. I won’t give up on myself no matter what.
    PS : Thankyou & More Power to You♥️💯 keep Blogging Babe

    Liked by 1 person

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